JL AUDIO HIGH OUTPUT WEDGE HO110RG-W3V3 – Enclosed Subwoofer System



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Enclosed Subwoofer System with Single 10W3v3-2 Subwoofer, Dark Gray / Black Carpet (500 W, 2 Ω) - Ported Enclosure
JL Audio's patented High Output Enclosures are designed to deliver the ultimate high-performance bass experience with a rare combination of superb sound quality and awesome output.
JL Audio's patented, chamber-coupled port design (U.S. patent #6,625,292) wraps around the inner enclosure boundary and terminates on one side of the woofer, coupling the port output to the woofer's direct output. This also provides the necessary surface area and port length to maximize the performance of the W3v3 driver.

This enclosure design has been carefully engineered to the optimum ported alignment for the 10W3v3, and has been fine-tuned through extensive real-world listening. This efficient system will produce superb output with as little as 150W of amplifier power, but performs best with 300 - 500 W of power.

This subwoofer system is shipped wired, loaded and ready to connect via a five-way binding post terminal. Three solid aluminum bars provide stylish and rugged woofer protection.

The angled-back design saves precious cargo space by allowing the enclosure to fit tightly against the back of a vehicle's rear seat.

Finish: Dark gray, high-grade automotive carpet, with black carpet on woofer baffle. "JL AUDIO" is embroidered in silver on the top surface of the enclosure.

Construction: CNC-Cut High-Grade MDF

Recommended amplifier power: 150 - 500W
Nominal Impedance: 2 Ω

The JL Audio High Output Wedge HO110RG-W3V3 Enclosed Subwoofer is a powerhouse of bass performance, meticulously crafted to deliver an unparalleled low-frequency experience. This compact yet potent subwoofer encapsulates cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, ensuring that every beat resonates with remarkable depth and clarity.

At its core, the HO110RG-W3V3 encapsulates a single 10-inch W3v3 subwoofer driver, a testament to JL Audio's commitment to producing high-quality, impactful sound. This subwoofer's design maximizes performance, offering a perfect balance of precision and power for a wide range of musical genres, from punchy basslines to thumping beats.

Crafted with robust materials and precision assembly, this enclosed subwoofer guarantees durability and reliability. Its high-quality MDF enclosure is optimized for superior bass output while ensuring structural integrity, delivering exceptional performance without compromise.

The standout feature of the HO110RG-W3V3 is its versatility and adaptability to various audio systems. Whether you're upgrading an existing setup or creating a new one, this subwoofer seamlessly integrates into your audio configuration. Its compact design allows for convenient installation, making it an ideal choice for vehicles with limited space, while its robust construction ensures it withstands the demands of continuous, high-performance use.

The HO110RG-W3V3 boasts JL Audio's proprietary, highly efficient DMA-optimized motor system, ensuring accurate, clean, and powerful bass reproduction. This technology enhances the subwoofer's performance, delivering tight, articulate bass with minimal distortion, even at high volume levels.

Moreover, this enclosed subwoofer features a carefully engineered, slot-ported design that optimizes airflow and reduces turbulence, enhancing bass output while maintaining precision and control. This design innovation allows the subwoofer to produce deep, impactful bass notes that enrich your audio experience, whether you're enjoying music, movies, or gaming.

Installation is a breeze with the HO110RG-W3V3, thanks to its user-friendly design and convenient mounting options. Its compact footprint and sleek wedge-shaped enclosure enable flexible placement in various vehicle configurations, providing an optimal listening experience without sacrificing valuable space.

In summary, the JL Audio High Output Wedge HO110RG-W3V3 Enclosed Subwoofer stands as a pinnacle of bass performance, delivering unparalleled low-frequency impact, precision, and versatility. Whether you're a music enthusiast or an audiophile seeking powerful, well-defined bass, this subwoofer exceeds expectations, elevating your audio experience to new depths of sonic immersion and enjoyment.

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