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Install a new car radio faster with this factory AV/DVD retention wiring harness that plugs right into the vehicle's connectors, allowing you to hook up the radio into the vehicle's electrical system. On one side, the wiring harness is color-coded with wires that you'll connect or solder into the aftermarket radio/receiver. The other side has a vehicle-specific adapter that connects directly into the original radio connectors for a quicker installation without having to cut each of the wires.

Keep in mind that you may need additional parts to complete your installation, including a dash kit, antenna adapter, and, depending on your vehicle, a special interface adapter to retain audio controls on your steering wheel or other important vehicle functions like navigation, video, and more. Look up your vehicle for more information.

Wiring harness for fast and easy radio installation
Plugs into the car's original radio connectors on one side
Retains the factory DVD player and audio from the factory overhead
To be used in conjunction with the 70-5520
Color-coded wires on the other side are connected to the aftermarket radio
No wire cutting needed for factory radio connectors
Provides electrical power to the radio for a four-speaker connection

Expedition 2004-2006 (w/o nav)
Expedition 2003-2003 (w/o nav late production)

Navigator 2003-2006 (w/o nav)

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